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Superior In-Class and On-Line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Update

With the suspension of the June diploma exams due to COVID19, many Alberta students are looking for support while attempting to complete their semester two studies at home. DIPLOMAX would like to ‘tag-team’ with ALL students by reducing prices on ALL electronic and video products for a limited time.

Unlimited Use - go over the course concepts as many times as you wish.
The new pricing structure (from April 1 to June 30, 2020) is:

On-Line Video Review
$129 now $99
iPrep Study Notes
$99 now $69
MAX Results
$39 now $29
$229 now $199

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Electronic Study Notes and Video Support

The iPrep Plus Electronic Study Notes package provides you with:

  • An electronic resource of approximately 50-150 pages. The resource reviews all course content in a focused, comprehensive manner. You can download and print the resource to help you with home study, complete class assignments, and prepare for unit tests and year-end assessments. You have unlimited access all year long!
  • It normally takes hours of your time to create personal study notes for each subject – highly regarded iPrep Plus authors have already done it for you – access the materials on a daily basis to assist you with homework assignments or use it to review for major tests
  • Each electronic Study Notes package contains:
    • a review of the most important points to remember in each subject; key points have been highlighted and are colour-coded to make them standout
    • each set of Study Notes has been ‘personalized’ by the author – to help students maximize their results
    • some sets will contain a glossary of key terminology, others will have ‘links’ to related website information, or to experiments/demonstrations to clarify concepts
    • each electronic Study Notes package (of 50 – 150 pages) contains video support to help you to better understand the most challenging concepts of each subject
  • Video support modules of 5-10 minutes in length. Each module addresses an especially “tough topic” identifying common problems or errors students make, and provides a summary of helpful suggestions and hints to overcome and master the challenges. Use the videos as often as necessary!

Immediately accessing the Study Notes package (for download or home print) allows you to use the review notes and apply the tips and strategies to your home studies. The information and material found in the approximately 50-150 page package, can be used all semester to help you to prepare for class quizzes, unit tests, and written assignments

Once you open your electronic Study Notes Package (a document of approximately 50-150 pages) you MUSTSAVE’ it to your computer to access it for either download or print in the future.

Adding Your Study Notes Through Your Apple Device

Once you have opened your Study Notes in Safari, tap once to display a bar at the top of the screen, as shown below. Tap Open in "iBooks".

Your Study Notes will appear on a shelf in iBooks, as shown below. Tap the file to open it.

You may also open the the Study Notes with other apps that are available for download through iTunes.

Adding PDF to Apple Device Through iTunes

Log into your account and view the electronic study notes you have purchased.

To view and download the Electronic Study Notes click the "Start" button.

Depending on which browser you are using the resource may open a preview of the document in a new window. You can either save the pdf document by using the "Save Page As" under "File" or use the PDF viewer tools built into the browser.

Make sure you have iBooks installed on your computer.

Open iBooks. Select File > Add to Library...

Navigate to the PDF file(s) you want to add. Select one, more than one or a whole folder. Once they are selected, click Add.

You will now see the PDF file(s) listed in iBooks.

Open iTunes and click on the iPhone/iPad icon near the top left.

Select Books on the left sidebar.

Ensure Sync Books is checked and either All books or Selected books is checked and then click on Sync.

Open iBooks on your iPad or other device and you'll see a PDFs button at the top. Tap it to open.