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Biology 30 - Online: VIDEO REVIEW

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Curricular aspects of the Biology 30 review course include:

  • Nervous and Endocrine Systems
  • Reproductive Systems, Cell Differentiation, and Embryonic Development
  • Cell Division, Mendelian Genetics and Molecular Genetics
  • Population Genetics and Interaction
  • Connections to social, ethical, and environmental issues

The Online package provides you with:

  • We realized that many students require review for diploma exams and term support, BUT do not feel comfortable in attending face to face sessions at this time.
  • To assist - we filmed DIPLOMAX In-Class Review sessions for each of eight diploma exam subjects.
  • We edited the filmed product to reduce the Online Video Review for each subject to a total of about 12-14 hours of viewing.
  • We divided the product for each subject into topics that are easily searched by topic name or video footage.
  • We provided each purchaser with a LINK to the materials, and a complimentary copy of the Instructor's Class Notes (with exercises synchronized to the video feed).
  • All videos are streamed to devices - there is NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD any of the review videos.
  • Students have UNLIMITED USE of the video reviews - use them as many times as you wish for examinations, review, or for everyday homework/assignment support.
  • Purchasers have the option of choosing a single subject or selecting a bundle (discounted price) option.
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