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Superior In-Class and On-Line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Update

With the suspension of the June diploma exams due to COVID19, many Alberta students are looking for support while attempting to complete their semester two studies at home. DIPLOMAX would like to ‘tag-team’ with ALL students by reducing prices on ALL electronic and video products for a limited time.

Unlimited Use - go over the course concepts as many times as you wish.
The new pricing structure (from April 1 to June 30, 2020) is:

On-Line Video Review
$129 now $99
iPrep Study Notes
$99 now $69
MAX Results
$39 now $29
$229 now $199

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Electronic Study Notes Plus Video Support!

Biology 30

Curricular aspects of the Biology 30 review course include Nervous and Endocrine Systems Reproductive Systems, Cell Differentiation, and Embryonic Development Cell Division, Mendelian Genetics and more...

Chemistry 30

Curricular aspects of the Chemistry 30 review course include Chemical Energetics (Thermochemistry), Electrochemistry, Acids/Bases/Equilibrium, Organic and more...

English 30

Curricular aspects of the English 30-1 review course include writing Personal Response to Texts, Critical/Analytical Response to Texts and more...

Math 30-1

Curricular aspects of the Math 30-1 review course include Trigonometry, Transformations, Polynomials, Radicals, Rationals and more...

Math 30-2

Curricular aspects of the Math 30-2 review course include Set Theory, Counting Methods, Probability, Rational Expressions and Equations and more...

Physics 30

Curricular aspects of the Physics 30 review course include Momentum and Impulse, Forces and Fields, Electromagnetic Radiation and more...

Science 30

Curricular aspects of the Science 30 review course include Living Systems Respond to Their Environment, Chemistry in the Environment, Electromagnetic Energy and more...

Social Studies 30

Curricular aspects of the Social Studies 30-1 review course include Ideology as the foundation of identity, Justification of resistance to liberalism, Viability of the principles of liberalism and more...