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Terms & Conditions of Sale

I understand that in accessing the Diplomax resources from this website that:

  • As students automatically receive access to all electronic and video materials with their purchase confirmation email, refunds are not provided.
  • Under the terms of the DIPLOMAX Guarantee, if any instructor-led session is cancelled for any reason, the registered student automatically receives as compensation, at no additional cost, a subject-specific replacement package of materials (The ULTIMATE).
  • One copy of the electronic resource I have received may be downloaded to a device and/or printed - for personal use only.
  • All of the electronic materials are copyright protected; I will not forward any of the materials, in any manner, to a third party.
  • I agree to allow Sequel Solutions Inc. to send products and services electronically, and to provide information on any new DIPLOMAX products and/or services.
  • Use of the resources is licensed to me for the entire school year in which they were purchased.
  • Every attempt has been made to ensure the resources are accurate and free of errors; if an error or omission, is discovered I agree to contact Sequel Solutions Inc. to inform them of the problem, so that an appropriate correction can be made by the company in a timely manner.